Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Weld-Up" mean?

A Weld-Up building is used by more experienced welders who do all the cutting and welding needed to construct the building.  This means it is not a kit or a pre-engineered building.  The welder buys all raw steel materials to erect the building which in turn allows for faster production and cheaper prices.  Building a metal building like this means metal can be ordered and received in a matter of days.

What is Bolt-Up or Pre-fabricated?

A Bolt up or Pre-fabricated building is assembled completely with bolts and screws.  The customers chooses the building kit and it is ordered and delivered to the jobsite.  No welding is required for these buildings.

What Liberty Farm Ironworks offers?

We construct both types of buildings; it is completely up to the customer to which they would prefer.  We have many references that you can contact to do your research and Cody knows a lot about both, so feel free to ask him.  Contact Cody about getting a quote on both and the variety of kits available.

This page may answer some questions you have regarding your project.


We are more than happy to email or fax bids. If the owner is on a job site or out of town working sometimes this is the best method. We provide a detailed bid for the buyer and the buyers financial institution.

The bid will list the price for materials, labor, accessories, and options the buyer decides on. We will help however we can but suggest looking at the pictures on the website for color combinations.

-Pad/Dirt Work-Concrete:

Minimal dirt work is included in our bid to compensate for 4-6 inches of grade change.

Concrete price is figured at the current price from our concrete contractor, based upon one square foot.

If you would like to use your own concrete contractor we will be glad to work together with that company as well.

Buyer will assume responsibility for any grade changes in excess of 6 inches where more dirt work is needed.

Dirt/sand will be billed at a rate of $175.00 per 12 yard load.

-Metal Increases:

We do our best to get you the best price at the time. Metal increases occur and we always try to order any materials in progress before.

Our bids are only good for 30 days due to the constant metal changes.

If price of metal decreases during the 30 days we will inform you and make adjustments to SAVE you money.


Frame: We primarily use 8" C-purlin, I beams, square tubing, and receive channel for the frame work. All free span truss' are constructed onsite from I-beam.

Painting: We primer all welds and bare metal prior to sheeting for a finished look.


As with any construction, this varies depending on how busy we are, the weather, and sometimes the completion of the concrete or pad.

The buyer will be informed how "far out" the crew is based on the number of buildings in progress. This is always an estimate and not a guarantee of arrival.

-Methods of Payment:

We accept cash or check.

We will accept credit cards through paypal, if buyer assumes the fees.

Schedules of payments during the building process:
30% due of total cost of project after completion of concrete work
30% due of total cost of project upon delivery of building materials
40% due of total cost of project upon completion of building

-Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions we can answer regarding your project.

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